Whitewater Packrafting Trainings Alps (Tyrol/Alpine foothills) with Safety Training (open and advanced)

Packrafting through the alpine valleys of the Alps

Tirol offers sporty whitewater in an alpine backdrop. Dive into the mainly heavy waves of the Lech already in the open training and be taken away by the crystal clear glacial streams of the upper Isar into, an untouched wild river landscape in our advanced training.

Since 2021 firmly in our program within the framework of this Alpine tour is our course in Bavaria in the beautiful area around Zugspitze and Karwendel which takes place on two dates around the Tyrol courses. Originated due to closed national borders 2020, was according to our participants a blast! A small personal report from this course can be found in the Land Water Blog: Alps in special times - freestyle Bavaria and Tyrol

An intensive day of whitewater safety training together with wwo combined whitewater and trekking days with light day packs will make it possible to get to know various aspects and difficulties of whitewater paddling and train whitewater techniqe. In our advanced training even on two very different rivers.

Our alpine early summer highlight in Tyrol and the Alpine foothills is dedicated to physically fit people with a desire for challenge and adventure. The advanced trainings require paddlers and packrafters in good health and fitness and with sufficient whitewater paddling experience.

During all our whitewater trips you can individually deepen your knowledge of safely negotiation in easy to heavy whitewater.

The trainings in Tyrol are also suitable for preparation for expedition style trips that include whitewater sections such as our Iceland expeditions.

Within the streams and on gravel banks, we will teach you different security technologies of whitewater packrafting, and certain packrafting techniques. With our two guides we have the possibility to handle the different knowledge stages within the group.

Of course you can rent the complete packrafting equipment as well as the whitewater security gear from us. Additionally you can also take the chance and try out different equipment of our fleet.

The evenings we spend in our base camp at the campsite, where we framed by the Karwedel mountains let the whitewater days end comfortably and there is time for socializing and exchange. One evening we usually share stories and anecdotes from the LWA team (here's the blog) and our plans for future adventures.

Get an impression of these trainings from our Blog story Tyrol.

Come with us to sporty whitewater days within the Alps! We are packrafting enthusiasts and are living for packrafting, the whole season through, from Slovenia to Iceland. We take this passion to every trip and training we do.

Our Whitewater Trainings Alps and Covid-19

We have summarized our guidelines and concepts regarding the SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona") pandemic on our Covid-19 overview page.

Data 2022

In 2022 we are again spending two weeks on our journey through the Alps between the Alpine Foothills in Germany and Tyrol in Austria and take you with us to the Alpine river pearls of the northern Alps.

We recommend beginners to start their whitewater career with us in the Alpine Foothhills (Alpen1-2022 or Alpen4-2022), where we start with the basic paddling technique on a lake. The introduction in the waves of Tyrol is much more demanding, interested parties without paddling experience therefore please switch to the course Alpen1-2022 in Bavaria.

As every year, we offer you different combinations of our 3- to 4-day courses, depending on the level of demand and experience. Also a booking of a single training is possible depending on experience level. These are your booking options:

Booking as single training

Buchungsstand Alpen1-2022 (3 days, for beginners): June 13 - 15, 2022 (Bavaria and Alpine Foothills, open training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen2-2022 (3 days, for experienced paddlers): June 16 - 18, 2022 (Tyrol, open training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen3-2022 (3 days, for advanced paddlers): June 19 - 21, 2022 (Tyrol, advanced training): More information): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen4-2022 (4 days, for beginners): June 23 - 26, 2022 (Bavaria and Alpine Foothills, open training): Reserve spot

Combination of courses (from beginner to experienced paddler)

Buchungsstand Alpen-Combination1-2022 (3 days in Bavaria + 3 days in Tyrol with half breakday, for beginners): June 13 - 18 2022: Reserve spot

As a beginner within a few days into the waves of Tyrol: Combination of Alpen1-2022 (in Bavaria and the Alpine Foothills) and Alpen2-2022 (in Tyrol)

Buchungsstand Alpen-Combination2-2022 (6 days in Tyrol with half breakday, for experienced paddlers): June 16 - 21, 2022: Reserve spot

Tyrol purely: For paddlers with previous experience up to advanced level on the upper Lech and the upper Isar river: Combination of Alpen2-2022 (open training in Tyrol) und Alpen3-2022 (advanced training in Tyrol)

The big tour: Alpine trip with us, from Bavaria to Tyrol. Combination of three courses: Alpine Foothills + Tyrol open + Tyrol advanced

New since 2021: Join us on the Alpine joruney. This idea was also born in the Freestyle Ride in the crazy year 2020 in Bavaria and Tyrol. Do you feel like just paddling through? 9 days on the water, two half break days and an alpine trip over Tyrol and through Bavaria with Andi and Sebastian from the LWA team for a combo price (see below services and prices).

Buchungsstand Alpen-Journey-2022: June 13 - 21, 2022 (Alpine Foothills + Tyrol open + Tyrol advanced): Reserve spot

For pleasure paddlers, who would like to accompany us by the entire journey, it is of course possible to also book a cmobination of all 4 courses. Enjoy the rivers of Bavaria after an intensive advanced training in Tyrol. Please contact us in this case, we will happily reserve you a spot on your preferred combination.

Your desired course has too few free places or is fully booked?

A few weeks later, in July, rock the waves in eastern Tyrol: Wildwasser Packrafting Kurs Kärnten (in German)

In August and September you will find us for many weeks in our Whitewater Camp with 3- and 5-day courses in Slovenia.

Impressions from the trainings

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